How to give a mindblowing blowjob – in six steps!

Guys love getting blowjobs. Know your stuff and blow his mind! Six easy steps to follow!


How to survive Valentine’s day

To answer the question in the title, we first have to answer this question:
How has Valentine, the day of love, turned into a lose-lose situation?

How to shame a guy – Manipulation 101

When I wrote the first post about shaming, I ended by saying that the upcoming post, i.e the one you are reading right now, should not be considered as a “how to”-guideline. Apparently I changed my mind, because this is now exactly as how everything below is phrased…

Shaming – Manipulation 101

I am splitting up the blogpost on shaming into two parts. What you are reading here is part one, and it discusses shaming in general.
Shaming = suggesting or explicitly stating that a person’s behavior is reprehensible or that the person as a whole is reprehensible because of some undesired behavior.