The iron crotch exercise (铁裆功)

The iron crotch exercise is an exercise (or rather a series of exercises) aimed to make the crotch as strong as iron, i.e. to make this vulnerable area in a man’s anatomy resistant to impact from kicks and knee butts, as well as improve sperm count, testosterone production and erections. The techniques for training this are as follows:…


Groin attacks and what you can do to protect yourself from it

In the martial arts there is a saying, which goes “上顾头,下顾档” and which means as much as: “in fighting protect yourself above for strikes against your head, and below for strikes against your groin”. An attack to the male groin is effective because nature has hardwired the male body so as to make it clear that it is absolutely necessary the man learns to be careful with his genitals.

The iron head exercise (铁头功)

Among martial artists it is well known that to control your opponent, you should take control of his head, either literally or psychologically, or both.

On the flipside, that means it is extremely important to train in order to withstand attacks to your head. To better resist physical attacks to the head, one can practice the “iron head” exercise.

The one finger Vajra method (一指金刚法)

The vajra finger skill (金刚指) allows the index fingers to become so strong they can make indents in wood, such as the indents as seen on this tree inside the Shaolin monastery. With this skill, a strike with the index finger is enough to break stones as well as to inflict serious wounds on an adversary.