These posts are my Brain eggs, mostly on things I have read and thought about. The recurring topics I noticed post hoc in my posts are related to love, poetry, sex, relations, and psychology (in particular evolutionary psychology). Apparently this is what is mostly on my mind.

I would feel appreciated knowing these posts do not only structure my own thoughts on a topic, but also stir thoughts in others, provide clarity or just a needed distraction. If you disagree or have some thing to add, or have anything else to say in response to a post, I’d be very interested. Who knows what your response can elicit? I may very well adjust a post because of you.

brain eggs

“…And I don’t want the world to see me,

Cause I don’t think that they’d understand…”

(Hence the anonymity I maintain while putting my unusual thoughts out there)


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I found out this blog coincidentally, but i was so much impressed by depht of your writings(I only read your posts about sexualtity for now). You seem to have great knowledge of psyhoanalysis, which is great. Nowadays people don’t usually care (or they don’t have time to learn about this stuff etc) how important it is, and we are trying to decide on important issues even before fully understanding them. And I think that is where most of the world’s problems begin. I didn’t want to sound creepy or something like that. I just wanted you to know that there might be some people who appreciate your effort. I also wanted to know what your MBTI type is and what led you to learn about psychology? I was guessing INTJ. English is not my first language, so sorry for bad grammar.

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