A man’s personal fantasies revealed

WARNING – CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT!!! Read and view in your own discretion
parental advisory
Ok, here is a personal and revealing post, yet probably the least interesting on my entire blog because this is not about men in general, but just about me.

So anyone who has been reading my blog posts probably already knows my sexual preferences. For those who don’t know
– I love sex soon after first meeting
– I also love sex after a long build up, but only with girls who are okay that I continue to pursue the thrill I get from having sex soon after first meeting with other girls who just want something casual.
– I love a girl who makes it easy on me, meaning no objections to whatever I want to try.
– I love it that when a girl who does make objections initially, not long after changes her mind and wants to try everything I want to try.

Whatever I want to try includes all the not so imaginative stuff:

  • Regular penis in vagina sex in any imaginable position
  • Getting a good handjob with one of her hands on my penis and the other on my balls, while she is kissing me. (I just get aroused more when kissing)
  • Receiving blowjobs (see my blogpost on how to give a mindblowing blowjob).
  • I also really love coming in a girl’s mouth and see her swallow.
  • The times I don’t come in her mouth, nor her vagina, I like to do a little body painting, including on her face.I think seeing a girl swallow my sperm and/or being playful with my sperm on her body has more to do with finding pleasure in witnessing she likes me entirely, which includes her liking also my sperm (at least in places where she cannot get pregnant from it). And yes, I am disease free: just got tested.Also: I find that when a girl is not okay with my sperm, it is very off putting because of her hypocrisy. I am not going to go all icky on her either for having her body juices on me during any sexual activity, nor will I show disgust about her juices, so if she is pulling that crap on me, she can go find her pleasures in dildoland or with some desperate guy who tolerates such hypocrisy.

    My exwife swallowed loads of my cum (one dose a day for years, including the years that I didn’t feel very up to regular sex with her), and at 36 she still looks like in her early twenties and is superhealthy. This effect has been described elsewhere as well. So a girl swallowing serves herself, because apart from the joy of seeing how happy she makes me, she gets to maintain her youthful appearance and health. Also read the white tigress book.

  • Then anal: for a long time I was like only a little curious as to how it feels to do it, but I was mostly not into it, because well… The smell of my own and a girl’s genitals I associate to sex, but I kind of imagining anal having another smell that might put me off.
    But then recently I decided to make it my mission to experience this at least once, because well… I’m 33, have no idea how it feels (same, better or worse than vaginal or just entirely different and not comparable), and I just don’t want to wait till I’m impotent or dead before knowing how it feels.
  • Three- or moresomes with just girls and me. This year I had my first and only FFM threesome thus far (at age 33, in the third month of the year: my personal year of the year of the 3s). Some guys say it’s overrated. I disagree. Me personally, I like getting attention from two girls at once. If I ever find a girl I am compatible with outside of the bedroom who likes having FFM threesomes, I will want to commit to that open-minded horny girl with great pleasure. (Partly because I would want to keep her satisfied over the years, and found that if I have sex with a new girl, my desire for someone I have been with gets rekindled too.)
  • I also have my little fetishes.
    While I do NOT enjoy getting humiliated, I do like a little pain (not everywhere).
    I also like it really much if a girl likes me be dominant, and when she is capable to enjoy some pain, has rape fantasies or submissive fantasies, wants being tied up and taken, and all that.
    However, she really has to tell me and give me permission because I am not risking to engage in nonconsensual sex or non-consensual rough physicality. I only like it rough with a girl who likes being treated as such by me at that moment and is upfront about it.


But why talk about all this? Well yesterday I had a first date with an atheist Turkish lady who isn’t ready to settle yet, and wants to keep it casual. We haven’t actually had sex yet, but I am pretty sure it’s going to happen at some point.

And that certainty that I will have sex with her, combined with listening to an audio book of My Uncle Oswald* written by Roald Dahl, somehow made me think of who I have had sex with so far. (*The book is about an entrepreneurial womanizer)

Mentally going through the list of girls I had been with, suddenly my mind focused on two girls in particular. This time my regular threesome fantasy popped in my head again, but like never before. Because it was very specific with whom I’d like to have it, it got a whole new dimension, especially given my relationship to the girls involved.

These two girls I have actually tried my best being serious with. Somehow it seems very exciting to me to put these two girls together, rather than some girls who were honest about just wanting sex and nothing more. I think it is because these girls also seemed to just want me for their own pleasure but were never honest about it.

The relationships didn’t last too long with either, as we had different views on conflict resolution.

The former was a temperamental fury who literally admitted to me that she enjoyed eliciting arguments with me, get me angry, and got a high from it.

The other was her polar opposite, a librarian, being conflict avoidant to the point she would just emotionally shut down as soon as there was a disagreement.

Despite being polar opposites, they share some similarities as well:

  • both have been born and raised in my own country: that is noteworthy as every other woman I have had something with was from another country than my own, and no: not prostitutes. Even so, one of these two born and raised in my country, isn’t a native but is of Spanish origin and moved back to Spain around her 14th birthday.
    (I don’t like stereotyping, but you can take one guess whether the Spanish one was the temperamental fury or whether she was the conflict avoidant one…)
  • both of them had absolutely perfect bodies with no excessive fat. I loved seeing me with each in the mirror, with my muscular arms embracing from behind, feeling even stronger than I normally feel. Neither had very large breasts, I think one having a B cup and the other possibly an A cup. Most guys might fancy larger breasts, but I get most pleasure out of stimulating breasts and nipples than out of the size, so maybe I am not an average man in that respect.
  • They both speak fluent french, which I personally find a turn on.
  • I met both after I started this blog.
  • I loved seeing their smiles a lot, to the extent that because of one of them, during my relationship with her, I wrote this blogpost about the power of a smile.
  • both used the three Machiavellian ways of manipulation as described in my posts. One even read these posts and still thought she could get away with it. Admittedly, I liked one so much I basically gave her any excuse she needed to justify her manipulative behavior, and went so far to deny she was not creating false hopes as an addendum to the post on creating false hopes – manipulation 101.
  • both of them had a self-sabotaging approach to commitment
  • both are not very sociable with few friends
  • both of them are relatively unempathic in that they cannot adopt another person’s point of view, nor do they give a shit about how someone they are close to feels if that doesn’t immediately affect themselves.

The latter makes it all the more satisfactory having done things with them that satisfied me: I guess I like a little challenge.

That they could be totally apathetic also made having their hands on my balls extremely exciting, because giving them such trust implies a huge risk.

Ok, here come the explicit images!

But now seriously.

So in the threesome I imagine having with them, I’d start out with fingering and kissing the conflict avoidant librarian, while the Spanish one would be sucking me off. The blowjob the Spanish one would be giving would be the exact same thing as in the animated gif below (pay careful note to the hand placement), because I know she doesn’t only suck at being good, but she is good in sucking (and even deep throat):

So with me kissing and fingering the librarian, while the Spanish one would be giving oral, it would be looking a little like this:

Then I wouldn’t mind if the librarian would act like an accomplice to my pleasure by doing this to the Spanish girl on me:

While it looks arousing, and the psychological effect on all three people in the midst of it isn’t to be underestimated, the head bobbing doesn’t give all too much physical sensations and she would probably be getting dizzy.

So I’d soon proceed to instructing my fellow countrywoman to join the Spanish girl so I would be able to enjoy the action below, while each of them holds a testicle between the tips of their fingers, and they both focus on the most sensitive area of my penis like this:

Now this gives all the right physical sensations for sure as well as a great psychological effect.
At some point though I would want eye contact, because eye contact is intimate. And yes, why not have one move a little lower with her mouth to my ballsack while the other keeps focusing on my penis.

Of course the one with her mouth on my balls would also remember to lick the often skipped but very sensitive side of the testicle as thus:

This then would be a perfect time to see them transition into exploring some female on female action.

I would then proceed going anal on the librarian, while the Spanish one would be kissing  and fingering her:

And then the two girls can switch places.

So yeah, that is all that popped in my head as soon as the idea of the threesome with the librarian and the Spanish girl occurred to me. I wouldn’t limit myself to the few actions above as I generally take a long time to cum, but I would definitely include all of the above.

Also, me fantasizing about a FFM threesome with these two specific girls together, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do any other FFM threesome, but other threesomes are within my reality.

These two girls together probably will forever just be a fantasy… Unless they read this and get all wet thinking of it. In that case girls: you know who you are, even though I have kept your identities anonymous. Give me a booty call! I will introduce you to each other too.


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