All prostitutes are just women…

I used to look down on prostitutes and men frequenting them.

I used to think:
“As a woman, selling your body for money, pleasing strange men in any way they want just to fill your pockets? How utterly lowly is that?”

And of men going to prostitutes I thought they must be too damn unhygienic and socially inept to ‘get’ the ‘real’ thing.

How wrong I was. Prostitutes aren’t lowly, and quite a number of guys frequenting prostitutes is not the nerdy loser who cannot get laid type of guy.

When I got talking to some prostitutes, I noticed they are not different from regular women. Except for one thing: women who professionally please men sexually cannot afford to hide their true intentions.

A regular woman will always want to shift responsibility for consensual sex to the situation or the man before engaging in it. (‘It just happened’ – no, both you and he could tell there was a period leading up to it, and you agreed to be in a place where there would be a chance to have sex.) How many times as a woman did you get frustrated an attractive guy failed to provide you with any excuse that ‘it just happened’, when actually you wanted to be fucked by him there and then?

But apart from this one difference, prostitutes are no different from average women.


How truly different are prostitutes from the average woman? I argue, not very much

What are these similarities, I hear you ask? I am no prostitute! How dare you compare me with one!

1 – Wants
The vast majority of women don’t spend their time thinking of how to get sex: they spend their time thinking of enticing and keeping one good man to love her with all his heart and who makes her feel she is special to him. Prostitutes have the same aspirations, because they are just people too.

2 – Feels
From the women that don’t have the aspiration to entice a man despite being heterosexual, most are disillusioned by men and harbour some sort of misandry and the belief men have a different concept of love than women. They generally identify with pro-equal right movements, while actually holding sexist beliefs about men. Same holds true for the prostitutes who do not have aspirations to entice a man.

3 : Sex and love.
Women do love differently from men. Prostitutes are a good example to illustrate this, as they are merely women after all.

You may look down on a prostitute for pleasing a man who is essentially a stranger, but in the Western world it is very hard to find a woman who hasn’t done the same in ‘that period of her life’. No, that is not different! Is that guy really less of a stranger just because you went on three or less dates first?

Prostitutes have no issue sucking dick, doing threesomes, getting anal from a man they just met, as long as it serves themselves, i.e. as long as they get paid to do so. For their boyfriends it’s not easier, but it can be harder.
Women who aren’t prostitutes for a living are no different: for love they are less likely to make their guy experience every fantasy he has, but for other more self-centered reasons, essentially no woman has a problem doing what she would more likely refuse for a man she loves or could fall in love with. Fucking on the first date, putting out no conditions, sucking without putting out objections first, swallowing, trying anal without stalling, and letting a second girl join in on the fun. Every girl has explored, and I can tell you that when love is involved it takes women a lot longer, or sometimes they will just put out a permanent rejection to their loved one. But for a fling? No.

So in summary: for love doing for a guy what would make him feel special and loved? No. But for self-centered reasons? Yes! Those self-centered reasons can be lust, curiosity, peer pressure, advantages…

Don’t believe me?
How many girls have their first sex in the same period all the cool girls are first doing it, despite feeling very anxious and uncomfortable about it all? Yep, that is peer pressure and the fear of being ‘different’, overriding her own judgment.

How many girls have no problem bedding a ‘stranger’ on a holiday in the Caribbean or wherever, maximally a few days after meeting him (handing out the milk for free, usually after their breakup from a long-term relationship with a guy who paid for the entire cow), just out of curiosity what this no strings attached sex feels like? Nearly every woman on the planet, including the ‘prudes’.

For a guy, the shorter it takes, and the less objections he has to battle, the greater it feels and the more it boosts his ego.
For most guys, if they love a particular woman, they want to make her feel great and boost her ego by giving the things she cares about (time, attention, romantic little surprises, comfort at moments she feels insecure). For them to feel loved, they want a girl who does this for them for the things he cares about (in the start of the relationship: sexual satisfaction).

But women? I see no difference with how prostitutes love their boyfriends and how the average woman does. Women do the thing men love* to men they don’t love, and keep it dangling like a carrot in front of men they do ‘love’. I mean, all women have been told since puberty or earlier that men are all about sex.

With that in mind, don’t fool me with the lie that a woman on a first date with a guy she fancies for a long term relationship or in the start of a relationship with such a guy doesn’t know what would make him feel special. Yep, you guessed it right: having his sexual fantasies fulfilled at this early stage!

Would any woman fuck on the first date for something she feels can develop into love? No. Would a whore? No.

But the same woman, would she fuck on the first date with another guy for horniness and knowing she doesn’t want anything serious with him, or other self-serving reasons? More likely. And a whore? Would she fuck on the first day of meeting someone for self-serving reasons too? Well, I guess we know that already.

See the similarities already?

And ask yourself: according to how men express love (making the girl feel special), which guy gets to feel most special, a.k.a. loved? Not the guy a woman loves: the fling or the FWB for sure. And with prostitutes it’s the same. They will suck and do anal and threesomes for self-serving reasons (money), and forgive the guy shoves his dick in other women’s holes, but for the guy they love, they will put out barriers he has to overcome time and again and walk out on him immediately if he fucks but one other woman.

And I am not slut-shaming here: that is something women do to each other. If you are a woman reading this, probably some ‘slutty’ girls came to mind.
Yet I am not saying this is something sluts do. I am saying this is standard female behavior in sex and love. In other words, I am merely listing generalities and illustrating how prostitutes are similar to the average woman.

But congratulations if you are the exception who let the bad boy fling work for you for months of daily chatting prior to that one time sex. And congratulations if you let the lovely guy who would be prepared to work his ass off to make you happy and of who you already knew in the first two minutes of meeting he was a sweetheart, blast his seemen in your womb the same night you met, suck him dry and swallow and let him fuck your hot female friend too while you are simultaneously stroking him. Because well, he is a keeper.

If you are like that, you are a rarity, because the average woman does the opposite: she does all the uninhibited, unconditional sexually gratifying stuff that makes a guy feel special including permitting him to fuck others, not to the keeper, but for the guy she knows won’t be around even a week later (unless for more sex). And she has inhibitions and puts out conditions in front of the guy she ‘loves’.

And no, sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship, but it’s a good barometer of how much the woman is selfish, or is a true romantic who would do anything for the guy her infallible female instinct can know on day one it’s going to be a longterm thing. Generally, whores are not more selfish nor less romantic than the average woman. I challenge you to be different from a whore.

Personally, I am still looking for the girl who is willing to do what whores and average women do for strangers out of self-serving reasons for another reason. A woman who instead does all of that because she wishes to keep me, out of love for me and appreciation of my potential love for her. Till I find her, its just chasing tail and being a stranger to women who don’t see me as long-term material…


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