How to shame a guy – Manipulation 101

When I wrote the first general post about shaming (which you can read here), I ended by saying that the upcoming post, i.e the one you are reading right now, should not be considered as a “how to”-guideline. Apparently I changed my mind, because this is now exactly as how everything below in this second post on shaming is phrased…

Moreover, I also said the part on shaming would be divided into TWO blog posts. I changed my mind on that too: as this is a “How to” guide for misandric women, I feel compelled to make a THIRD blog post on shaming, one that specifically helps men defend themselves a little bit against the shaming tactics described in this second blogpost on shaming that you are reading now. (You can read that third blog post on how to counter shaming here.)

To all misandric and/or manipulative girls out there:
What is written here unlikely is entirely new to you, but it’s always good to have an overview of the weapons in your arsenal. Therefore, just consider this blogpost as an inventory that helps you in reminding of all the types of shaming ammo in your possession that you may want to unleash on a man.

To all guys reading this: sorry this post mainly serves as a reminder for girls for what they already instinctively do, and as an eye-opener to the few kind girls who do not engage in this sort of behavior.
As a small consolation, a third blog post is coming up to help you defend against these shameless shaming tactics. 🙂


Step 1: determine if shaming is needed
This step is relatively easy. If you answer ‘yes’ to even just one of the following questions, please proceed by shaming the man you are dealing with.

Next time when you interact with a man, ask yourself:
– Does that man say something I didn’t like?
– Does he refuse to say what I want to hear him say?
– Does he express an emotion that I dislike him to express in my presence?
– Does he fail to entertain me?
– Does he behave in a way I do not want him to be have?
– Is he being too kind?
– Is he being rude?
– Would my relationship to this guy be reinvigorated or more interesting if we had an argument right now?
– Do I want to know if this guy has a spine and stick to his plans despite being shamed for them, or if in contrast he is just another fraud who isn’t a real man anyway, and a spineless push-over that backs off as soon as he faces resistance?
– Would it alleviate my boredom if I mess with his head?
– Do I need to check if I still remember how to shame a random guy?
– Am I feeling bad in any sense, even if not related to the guy I am interacting with?

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, even just a little bit, then have no about it: just do your vicious best to send the guy on a guilt-trip! He deserves it!
This brings us to step 2.

Step 2: remind yourself why shaming is perfectly acceptable
For each of the above points mentioned in step 1, just remember for yourself:

– Men should never say anything a woman doesn’t want to hear. I mean, freedom of speech? I am sorry, I am all for having freedom of speech myself, but I will not allow any man to make any remarks I do not want to hear. Freedom of speech should be a right only for women, not men.

– On a related note, guys need to know when to say what I want to hear.
If any guy doesn’t agree that I am right even when I am wrong, he should feel ashamed. No: ESPECIALLY when I am wrong!
If there is any guy who doesn’t say ‘sorry’ whenever I feel he should, even if I am partly or completely responsible for creating the problem I want him to apologize for, then shame on him!
And if there is any guy that doesn’t say “ok, you don’t have to apologize then”, after I refuse to apologize for hurting him, he  can use a good dose of shaming to get him off of my back.
Most of all: if my ‘own’ guy doesn’t say “I love you” spontaneously often enough, even when our whole relationship is based around me pussy-whipping him, withholding affection, and all tricks of the trade for keeping a guy within his bounds, then he doesn’t deserve a peaceful evening with peace of mind: he needs to get stressed by me and feel guilty.

– As to emotions, men should be cool or fun. They can’t be sensitive little pussies: so shameful. And if they even raise their voice one second, my God, they better feel like they are a monster. I mean, if I want to anger a guy and cross his personal boundaries, that is my right, but he should not have the right to feel any emotional response to that. Right? I mean: hey! As a woman I have the monopoly to emotional expression. Guys need to stay out of this domain!

– If a guy cannot hold a conversation, shame on him. That is, if he doesn’t end every text with a question, or if he asks even one question I have heard before (even he is genuinely interested to find out what I do for a living), or if I have a boring life with zero interests he cannot cleverly comment on nor relate to, then he is the boring one and he should feel ashamed for that. I mean: it’s only normal! Guys need to court us girls: we don’t need to be entertaining. Even though the whole courtship ritual revolves around sex, and we girls are actually the ones craving sex most, guys don’t need to fucking know that. Let’s just leave them in the illusion sex is some sort of favor we are doing them, and that in return they need to be the most entertaining and accommodating person on the planet if they want me to reserve for them a special access pass to my vagina instead of for someone else.

– If he does something I don’t like, he should be ashamed. As a woman, I can do with my body what I want, and decide to do things others don’t like. I can violently assault them as long as I can come up with a reason to justify it. But men? Even if they are beaten, they should never ever defend themselves if I am the one beating them. If I want to fuck him, he shouldn’t refuse. And if he can’t get hard without me doing a little bit of effort first, pfff, it’s all him who’s to blame. Men should not have anything to say about what they do with their bodies.

– If he is being too kind, I don’t want him to feel good for that. I don’t trust it: either he is a loser, or either he is up to something. There is no possible way a man is kind to me, just because he is well-mannered. There are limits to kindness, and there are reasons for kindness. For example, if he is just a kind platonic friend, I will refuse to believe he is so without a reason, and I will spend so much time together until he is naturally attracted. Then I can shame him saying: “see, you are just being kind because you wanted to fuck me all along”. I just don’t want to believe men can be kind for no reason. If they are, they are losers.

– If he is rude, he needs to be ashamed. I mean: hey, I can be rude, ignore people, not respond, and give remarks with a nasty sting, but if a guy doesn’t tolerate that and starts playing that game back on me, he is soooo going to lose! He will be sent on a big guilt trip!

– If I am in a relationship, I want to know my guy cares for me. So occassionally I need to see if I can piss him off and make him apologize. Especially if he didn’t do anything wrong for too long and doesn’t owe me an apology for anything.

– If a guy is too attractive, I can’t let that happen: who knows, maybe I will want to fuck him sooner than I planned, and I am such a control freak who cannot stand that first sex happens naturally. He shouldn’t have so much control over my feelings, so the best way to reduce my attraction is to push him over. If he takes it that I shame him, he is weak and automatically less attractive, which puts me right back into power again.

– You know, if you are really bored, there is nothing more entertaining than to see a man bend backwards just because he gets shamed unexpectedly and wants to do his best to make up to you. I really recommend random manshaming to keep yourself entertained.

– Shaming is such an important tool in dealing with men: always do a regular check-up on your shaming skills by randomly applying them, just to refresh your memory and keep your skills in shape.

And finally:
– If I as a girl have a bad day, I am entitled to make someone, anyone pay for that. Especially a man. Shame men.

Ok, now we know when to shame and why it is perfectly justified to do so, so let’s proceed with step 3.


Men are so overprivileged

Step 3: pick your weapon of choice
There are plenty of creative ways to shame a man. Choose your weapon according to the situation, and be sure to always have a few spare shaming tactics that works universally, regardless of the situation.

When he is angry:
Charge of Irascibility:
Whenever a man feels rightfully irritated by you, accuse him of feeling angry simply because he is an angry person. Remind him of all the times he felt irritated as ‘evidence’ that he has a genuine mental problem, and that he has anger management issues. Do not in any case show understanding for the possibility he is a normal human being like yourself, and that it is in fact very normal for him to feel angry as you just crossed his boundaries, or because you just stubbornly decided to do the opposite of what would really make him happy and what matters a lot to him, something you could easily do without bothering yourself too much.
Tell him: “You are a bitter man”, “You need to get over your anger at women”, “You are reacting unreasonable”, “You are so negative”, or any variation thereof.

Charge of Endangerment:
If the charge of irascibility doesn’t do the trick to shame him for being justifiably angry, use the charge of endangerment. Accuse the man of being a menace, demonize him, and make sure he feels it’s personal and due to something unchangeable inside of him, rather than shwoing understanding that he is having a natural, universal human response to having his boundaries violated. Make sure to avoid giving the impression you can understand his anger.
If you piss him off, thought you could get away with it, but then the idiot decides to get angry or raise his voice, simply say: “I am scared of you”, “You make me feel afraid”, or “Don’t do that with your voice: it scares me”. And try to act the part: say it with a frightened and accusative look on your face.
It’s really funny: men are so afraid of frightening a woman, that telling any man that he scares you, is enough to easily send him on an instant guilt trip!

Make clear that you bear no fault whatsoever for crossing any boundaries, and that you are the poor victim, and that he is the aggressor. After all, he owns a penis and thanks to societal conditioning, he is likely to believe this in fact proves is the aggressor and you are in fact the victim. Don’t underestimate the effects of societal conditioning in any case! If you convincingly make him believe you are the victim, even if he is the calmest and most self-composed man on earth, like an angel walking the face of this planet, and even if you have repeatedly and clearly have proven to have your cruel sides, he will still believe he is the monster! It’s absurd, but true!

When he is sad or uncomfortable about something:
Charge of Hypersensitivity:
Make him feel he is too sensitive, too soft, and exaggerating problems that aren’t there. In no case, should he realize that what he is feeling is a normal, but temporary feeling due to the situation. Make him feel it is because of who he is. Say things like: “You need to be more positive: you are so negative”, “Stop whining”, “Get over it”, “I don’t see why you are so upset over this: it’s not a big deal”, “Suck it up like a man.”, “You don’t have it nearly as bad as us women”,  or “Wow. You need to get a grip.”

Charge of Instability:
Accuse the guy of being emotionally or mentally unstable, having a mood disorder, or bipolar disorder (i.e., being a manic-depressive). Deny that mood fluctuations are a natural and normal thing, and make him feel that him not always being happy or agreable is very abnormal. You can say: “You’re unstable”, “You have issues”, “You need therapy”, or more subtly “I am really concerned about you and your well-being. Have you considered therapy?”

With any emotion you do not wish him to have:
Victim blaming:
Blame him for feeling whatever he feels. If he feels some negative emotion in response to something you have control over, it’s his own fault for feeling that way, or it’s inherent to his personality.
E.g., if he was so stupid to ask you something about which he will feel bad if you reject his request, he shouldn’t be fucking asking. It’s his own fault. If you crossed his boundaries, it’s his own fault for letting you cross them: he shouldn’t be angry or sad for that.

Charge of Overgeneralization:
If he is very upset about something, it usually is due to a repeated experience of something he experiences over and over with different people. If this is the case, you will notice when you encourage him to explain his feelings. Next, accuse him of overgeneralizing.
To more effectively send him on a guilt trip mixed with false hopes, don’t only say things like: “I’m not like that”, “Stop generalizing”, and “That’s a sexist stereotype”. Also pretend immediately after you truly are different, until he feels ashamed and hopeful at the same time. Next proceed to do exactly the same as what you know others did to him: this will confuse the fuck out of him and reinforce the misogynist inside him that he really doesn’t want to be.

If you want to stop him from winning a verbal argument:
Charge of Rationalization:
Accuse him of being too good at rationalizing his way out of things, and emphasize that despite that he is just plainly wrong. Don’t do any effort to explain why he is wrong: just tell him you are sure he is wrong. All it takes is reminding him of how good he is at reasoning and of past times where he won an argument with logic, and shame him for trying to win the argument using logic.

Charge of Fanaticism:
Accuse him of being an extremist in his viewpoint. Optionally you can add to that that his viewpoint shows he is ignorant and or intolerant.

If he calls you out on being manipulative:
Reverse the accusation:
E.g. if you are in fact emotionally blackmailing him to continue kissing you, even though it makes him horny and he knows you will not have sex with him, he might call you out on your manipulative behavior.If he calls you out, reverse the accusation and say he is the one emotionally blackmailing or otherwise manipulating you to have sex with him, even though he is not, and actually only wants to stop the kissing for a while and isn’t pushing or manipulating you at all. But he is a guy: it’s perfectly fine to make false accusations! Because as everyone knows, in case of doubt or lack of evidence, the woman is right and the man is wrong. That is the law.

If you want to destroy his false hopes
(that hopefully you intentionally created using the tactics described here)

Slut-shame him:
Say: “I don’t know if I can trust you”, or “I don’t know you well enough”. If he did reveal his sexual past, and has been very candid and honest about his desires, fears and insecurities, and he mentioned more than two sex partners, pretend you think he is a player, knowing fully well he is not, and shame him a little. Pretend you cannot continue to see him, unless he does exactly as you want and waits until he is totally emotionally hooked before having sex with you, and with him not even having a guarantee the two of you ever will have sex. This shaming tactic works extremely well on guys who have only had little to moderate success with women. If accused of being a player, they know they cannot tell the truth about how few women they slept with, because then there is a real risk you’ll start virgin shaming them.
(Real players know that women don’t give a shit of how many women you slept with, and that all women are actually more eager to sleep with them BECAUSE they are a player.)

Virgin shame him:
If a guy slept with only one woman for a decade, suddenly express doubts about wanting to continue to see him in more private contexts or doubts about doing more. Tell him: “You are so serious about relationships”, “I am afraid to break your heart”, “I don’t want a man who has already been in a serious relationship: I want to be the first and last”, “I rather prefer a guy who has slept with a hundred women and then picks me”, “I don’t think you know what you want”, “You should sleep with more girls just for fun, just not with me” (full well knowing the next guy you will have sex with is actually going to be casual), or “I don’t know if I am ready for this”.
Just remember: it doesn’t matter if you have been very candidly sharing with everyone you are tired of always dating players, only want a serious relationship and no ONS, and want yourself a good and serious guy. Words are just words: you don’t actually need to have the integrity to mean them. It also doesn’t matter that he never said he will stick around after sex: he knows he can’t confirm nor deny it, because then he risks that you proceed to this extremely effective strategy:

Switch back and forth between virgin and slut-shaming:
If he wants to have sex with you, shame on him! And if he doesn’t, shame on him too! One moment profess you are not sure if you want something serious at this time. Then when he says he is not sure either, say you are looking for a man who knows what he wants. Then when he says he knows for sure he wants to have sex with you, shame him and totally disconnect. Utterly confusing, illogical, AND effective!!!

Regarding matters related to sex:

Apply variations of body shaming:
Men and their penis are there to serve to women’s pleasure. To avoid any men, especially the spineless loser type who is way too respectful to you, from getting the idea that it would be nice if sex was also about him getting pleased, and that his penis should go anywhere else than inside your vagina, make sure you show disgust about his penis and his semen.
Don’t worry about being a hypocrite: while not a single man on the entire planet will say “Ew” to having a woman’s juices on him, there are plenty of women who will not hold back to make a man feel he just transgressed by having even a milliliter of his orgasm squirt on her when he is trying his best to make most of it land on himself. Pretend to be so prudish that you feel like risking impregnation when he cums anywhere on you, by his semen breaching the skin barrier, then penetrating your body further, moving subcutaneously, then intravenously, until finally it reaches your womb via  a non vaginal way and impregnates you. Very likely. Shame him for having some of his semen on your skin. Just proudly join the ranks of those women pretending to be prudish.  Many of them had no problems with penises and sperm from men who are out of their lives, but make a big deal of that of the one man they are keeping around for a longer time. Therefore it is advisable you apply similar levels of hypocrisy once you do find a guy who is serious about you.

Charge of exacting:
Accuse your guy of having excessive, unreasonably high demands. We are not talking about fisting and gangbangs here. You need to pretend the most mundane sexual act is too much to ask. With this approach, his mind will not even get to anything genuinely unreasonable. The furthest his mind will ever dare wander is a threesome, but even so he will absolutely feel embarrassed to share this fantasy and immediately be prepared to retreat after sheepishly mentioning it in a joke.
The trick is: pretend the most basic sexual acts are really huge requests. Never pro-actively engage in any basic sexual act without him asking first, and always reject him the first few times: otherwise he might get the idea you really like him to be happy and we don’t want that now, do we?
Pretend that it is really too much to swallow his semen, even though you have no problem swallowing the body liquids of a different species and unknown individuals. (Or are you going to tell me you never drank milk in your entire life, and that you know every cow who’s milk you drank personally?) Heck, even pretend it is too much to suck cock if you like!
Make sure to make everything sexual conditional:
first sex only if he waits and spends lots of time on you first
sucking if he licks you first
swallowing if he swallows his own semen first,
anal if you are allowed to shove your fingers up his ass first
threesomes if you are free to fuck any guy you want, etc
Make sure he feels emasculated, denigrated and that he knows any sex he will have with you will be 100% conditional.
Also: it is not only perfectly fine, but actually it is necessary that he knows you unconditionally fulfilled any of his desires for other men, but not for him. This will only reinforce the feeling in him that what he asks of you is too much, because now he feels he is unworthy and undeserving, and so asking for it only makes him feel more like he doesn’t deserve what turns him on and makes him expect rejection. That’s exactly how you want him to feel! Like this, you remain in control at all time. Only hand over control to real men. Not wimps.
And being a woman, guaranteed that early on in your sex life you were just as curious about trying and allowing for anal as the guy who first went there, but oh my God, how dare this guy who is now in your life and trying to be serious dare to even think of trying only once the same thing as that guy who is long gone? THAT is how you should make your current guy feel: “OMG, I am really asking a lot of unreasonable stuff here”. And the subtext is: “If EVENTUALLY I do it, you will owe me big time, but until then I will just ride on your false hopes”
If he feels even one inch justified to ask for his pleasure without shame, you are doing something wrong girl! Guys should be ashamed for their desires and sexual curiosity: that way you stay in control! You would of course never tolerate a man you are intimate with to shame you the same way (for you having experimented sexually, or wanting your fantasies fulfilled), but you are woman so that totally justifies the hypocrisy. And yes, in the back of your head you know that if your life were to depend on it, i.e. if it would be your only way to make money to buy food, or to avoid being killed, you wouldn’t have much of a problem for any sexual act. I mean, for money and privileges: sure! But for the happiness of someone who makes you happy? Never!

Charge of arduousness:
Make your guy feel that what he asks of you costs you really a lot of effort. It doesn’t necessarily mean you express disgust for his penis or semen (body shaming) or that you make him feel he has excessive demands (charge of exacting): it just means you make him feel he is causing you a big inconvenience.
If he wants to cum anywhere on your body, and is even so kind to try and avoid your hair and warn you to close your eyes, still pretend it is too much effort to have a quick shower afterwards.
Also very effective is your facial expression: men are very aware of how good women are at faking enjoyment. For example for expressing fake joy over an insignificant achievement of a female friend, women will often be excessively elated:
“OMG, you bought those shoes!!!” [woman makes fake shrieking sound of joy, hops around like a cute rabbit and has a smile that lasts way too long running across her cheeks, yet looks genuinely elated].
So if you do the worst impression of a fake smile, seemingly like it costs you really much effort to smile, the man will soon lose all his plans for the sexual things he wanted to experience with you, because after all he cares for you and doesn’t really feel compelled to do again anything that you seem so reluctant to do and which makes him feel like you are doing a huge effort.
Sometimes this is even more effective at reducing his joy in fulfilling his sexual fantasies with you, than when you show disgust. If he feels it costs you effort to fuck or engage in any other kind of sexual activity with him, to him it feels like you have a problem with him as a person, and it’s not just about his penis or semen.

Charge of Unattractiveness:
Withhold affection intentionally. Let a man wait out to have the first time sex with you. This not only is a car sales trick to get him emotionally invested in your ‘product’ before he even has a clue how smooth the ‘ride’ will be, it also establishes that you desire him less than that he desires you. And even if that is not true, that is what he has to believe, so he hands his power to us women. Remind him of past romantic failures if necessary, and especially of girls he put time into but who never had sex with him: this will reinforce the idea that he is unattractive. Say that with his attitude, no woman will ever want him. This way he will feel lucky with the conditional sex he gets from you and never dare venture away.

If he can’t get hard

Charge of invirility:
Call into question his sexual orientation, and his masculinity. Ask: “Are you gay?”, or say: “I need a real man”, or “You’re such a wimp”. Whenever he cannot get hard in a split second, or if he cannot stay hard after fucking for quite a while but without him having orgasmed, be sure to shame him for it. It will really help consolidate the problem and make a permanent problem out of a temporary problem, and that is what we really want before we dump his ass, right?
Everytime he is getting hard, give a little squeeze to his dick making him aware you are testing his hardness, immediately stop being sexual after ‘testing for hardness’, and his mind will be compelled to stop focusing on the pleasant sensations that were slowly making him hard, and instead he will immediately focus to trying to control this autonomous reflex. Little does he know you just mindfucked him into a losing battle.
Equally effective: when he doesn’t get hard or doesn’t stay hard, just stop stimulating his genitals, so that he knows he has to earn it, that bitch. I mean, what does he think? That you enjoy touching him even when he is not hard? We don’t want him to think that: it might actually make him hard…

Allround shaming bullets for any situation:

charge of Creepiness:
Men fear being creeps, so the best way to shame a guy is to call him a creep or weirdo. This is because throughout human history, when a man stood out as a creep, mobs would form to chase and kill this guy. So men have been selected to be afraid of being called a creep. Luckily, the nature of courtship has it so that the very same actions which are considered hyper romantic if you as the girl like the guy, are considered very creepy if the girl doesn’t like the guy, making it very easy to shame a guy into feeling he has crossed a line and deserves the label creep.
E.g., if you like a guy, but have a fight, it is hyperromantic to see he keeps trying to talk to you eventhough you ignore him and you secretly want him to talk to you. If you give him the silent treatment repeatedly, he gets conditioned to bite through it and shower you with attention. All nice and well for as long as you are in a relationship. But if one day, you totally decide to walk out on hima nd go all silent, how is he to know that this time you don’t want him to persistently try to do anything? While he is left thinking he is romantically winning back your affection like before (when you were emotionally abusing him by cutting down communication until he did exactly what you wanted), he is in fact now just a totally creepy stalker, and you can mobilize a mob of haters or even the law, simply because you own a vagina. You effectively conditioned him first to engage in behavior you then can use against him.
But guys don’t even have to do anything to be called creep: you can throw around the word whenever you feel like it. He doesn’t please you enough sexually? Creep! He has emotions? Creep! He refuses to be your puppet? Creep! Whatever you want him to do, you can make him do it, as long as you are prepared to threaten to socially stigmatize him as a creep.

charge of Cowardice:
In nearly all social mammals, males who do not stand up for themselves because they are to cowardly, end up on the bottom rung of the hierarchy. Being that low is like genetic suicide, so men have a very strong biologically driven urge to avoid being seen as a coward. So if a guy doesn’t do what you want? Or does something you don’t want him to do? Hit him where it hurts most: his ego. Insinuate he is a coward.
Say: “you do [whatever that guy does] just because deep down you feel afraid and don’t want anyone to see that”. The beauty of this manipulative shaming statement is that it can be used for anything, even for two opposite statements. To one guy you can say: “You are talking all tough to me, because you want to hide that deep down you are afraid”, while to the other you can say “you are talking really polite to me, because you want to hide that deep down you are afraid”… Everyone deep down is afraid of something. If you leave it unspecified what someone is afraid about, this barnum statement will resonate somewhere. Also, a person’s action or inaction can be explained by many things, but if you give an explanation to his action, your explanation becomes an other-imposed prophecy. (Like a self-fulfilling prophecy imposed by someone else’s preconception about him, in this case yours.) Basically you bias him to be blind for any alternative explanation for his own behavior. How awesomely sneaky is that? It”s like a mental hit below the belt tha the will not see coming.

Charge of Misogyny:
Accuse a guy of hating women if he doesn’t do what you want. Look at Hillary Clinton: you don’t vote for me? Than you are a misogynist! You don’t elect a woman as president? Then you are a misogynist!
Anyone with a bit of brains can see the flaw in this argument: it is entirely possible people didn’t vote for Hillary because her plan for a no-fly zone would elicit a full scale war with Russia; because she is a hypocrite, emotionally and physically abusive misandrist that physically assaulted her husband; because she defended a rapist full well knowing he is a rapist, because she downplays the national security breach she committed with her emails, and because she hires people to cause trouble in the campaigns of her opponents and because many people who once posed a threat to her mysteriously disappeared or died? Could a sensible person realize that her not being voted for has nothing to do with her gender, and everything with what kind of person she is? But with her misandrist woman card, she can hypocritically blame anyone who doesn’t support her or her views of being a misogynist.
Or if someone calls her a sneaky woman, she can emphasize the word woman to claim the remark is misogynistic, when in fact the emphasis was on sneaky and not on gender.
If some overaged jock expresses he in fact has a heterosexually desire of touching a woman’s genitals, but does not act on this desire, he is a misogynist pig.
On the other hand if Hillary personally addresses all little girls at the exclusion of boys, it is not sexist? If she and Michelle Obama endorse Beyonce, who not only sings misandric texts, but is on record for having attacked and sexually assaulted the son of her former manager with a kick to the balls simply because she was annoyed by him. As you see, accusing men of misogyny does not require you to be pro equal right or anything. You yourslef can perfectly be the sexist misandrist you are, and still use the mysogyny shaming tactic whenever you have beef with a guy. After all, he owns a penis and you have a vagina, so if he doesn’t cater to your needs or disagrees, it is undeniably because you have a cunt, and not because you are one, is it?
You can say things like: “Do you hate women?”, “Do you love your mother?”, “You should know women have the right to …[everything you shame him for]”, “Guys like you endorse rape and are against equal rights”, or “The women in your family should be embarrassed about you”.

Demonize his masculinity:
Basically accuse him for owning a penis. Whenever he doesn’t bend to your desires say something like: “You’re just afraid of losing your male privileges”,  or “Your fragile male ego…”

Appeal to his masculinity:
While you can accuse men of being men, you can just as well accuse them of not being men. Feel free to use the phrase: “Real men do… [whatever you want them to do]”, or “Real men are … [whatever characteristics you want him to show]” whenever you want to get a guy to behave a certain way. This must be one of the easiest ways to be the puppetmaster over any man, because societal conditioning endowed men with a sense of responsibility towards women, as well as an urge to be a good man. The “Real man” phrases insinuate that whatever man does not do exactly as what the phrase says, isn’t real, is a faker.

Charge of Narcissism:
Let’s be happy times have changed since Freud. Back then every woman who wasn’t doing what a man wanted, they could simply label her as ‘hysterical’. Luckily, this is the 21st century: roles have reversed, and now we can do this to men. But instead of the word ‘hysterical’ we just call a man a ‘narcissist’ whenever he doesn’t put our needs first and doesn’t cater to us.

Charge of Puerility:
Accuse him of being immature. Say things like: “Why do you make it such a big deal?”, “Grow up”, “You are so immature”, “Do you live with your mother?”, and “You look like a man, but you are just a boy”. Again, this is one of those things you can use whenever you want, and is also very useful in sexual contexts. E.g., if you are driving up his horniness without him having any form of release, say he is childish for getting upset that he has to wait for sex. If he can guess you did something for another men that you are not doing for him, and he gets upset for this, again just accuse him of being childish instead of recognizing that he has the universal human need to feel special to the person he cares about (you), also on levels of physical intimacy.

Crocodile tears:
Another way to send a guy on a guilt trip and make him feel ashamed is if you react with an expression of feeling hurt, preferably emphasizing your feminine fragility with tears. Leave men in the illusion that women are fragile beings: if they only knew we are emotionally stronger than them and have a much larger network of friends and family who will support us through every emotion while a man only has himself to rely on, if men realized that, then our tears would not have the same effect. It would just piss them off and make them envious. But now it’s like a magic pity creating weapon that at the same time makes them feel responsible to do whatever to take those tears away! Awesome!


Much of this text was inspired by misandrist shaming tactics listed in the Urban dictionary , the original list which you can find here. Some of this blogpost was (unfortunately) also autobiographical back from a time when I still had very little experience with women, and had absolutely no idea they would be willing to deal me undeserved blows like this when their words expressed they cared for me. I will not specify which parts are autobiographical, but rest assured that these shaming tactics do no longer work on me, for which I feel very relieved. 🙂
I also like to give credit to comedy for inspiring me to see the humour in it all, and in the shit women do to men. Especially comedians Louie CK and Bill Burr make me laugh a lot.


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