The long neck tribes

In a remote village in Thailand beyond the rice fields, lives a hidden tribe that continues living its old traditions.

Living traditions where wooden houses with thatched roofs are made by the men for their family to live in.


A remote tribe where women adorn themselves with metal rings to make their necks long, weaving one brightly colored scarf after another while seated in the shadows, protected from the glaring sun in their home village in Thailand.DSC_0131




This is the tribe of the Kayan minority, where women and men consider necks elongated by metal rings as precious, admirable, beautiful and very feminine. It is no surprise then, that from a young age the girls start wearing the brass rings around their neck.


A young Kayan girl notices something inside her parent’s rice cooker




(All of the above photos were taken by the author on a visit in Thailand in 2014)


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