Penis size, part 3 – What effects do testosterone and body type have on penis size?

In our first post on penis size, we learned about the successful business of a doctor specialized in drastically lengthening penises, while in the second post we got some idea on where this ideal of length comes from and why it’s so deeply ingrained in so many men’s minds. In this third and final post on the topic, those that keep on reading will find out how to really guess someone’s penis size (as supported by scientific findings, not popular myth), and what men do or can do to “level up”. And to women in committed long-term relationships: this post also bears relevance to you, because you’ll find tips in here to get your hubby to increase his lust and the quality of his erections! So let’s get started and keep on reading!

More Testosterone = bigger penis?

It may come as no surprise that the production of testosterone during teenage years is responsible for the development of the child penis into its adult size. This means it is absolutely sure testosterone can lead to a larger penis – at least in certain periods of life such as transition from childhood to adulthood. But during adulthood, can a sudden increase in testosterone above average levels still add anything to length or girth? To my knowledge, no studies have examined this. What is clear is that this factual biological link between testosterone and penis size is probably responsible for the popular and often instinctive notion that larger than average penises are a sign of real masculinity, as they could be the result of more testosterone. This perception that large penises are masculine is very evident in gay sex according to at least one study. The study found that in gay sex, the partner with the largest penis is more likely to assume the dominant male role of the “penetrator”, whereas the partner with the smaller penis is more likely to end up in the submissive, effeminate role of the penetrated. More biological support for the link between testosterone levels, masculinity and penis size is further seen in spotted Hyenas, where testosterone is responsible for a pseudo-penis in the female hyenas (essentially enlarged female genitalia). Due to the large amounts of testosterone, it is the female hyenas which end up being more dominant and larger, traits normally associated with masculinity. Likewise, in humans, women’s clitoris is prone to enlargement when androgen containing creams are applied directly to the clit, or when steroids are used over a prolonged period of time. So, if testosterone can enlarge female genitalia, even in humans and even after reaching adulthood, that could actually imply that in men too, after adulthood further prolonged increases in testosterone may increase penis size.

But don’t men on steroids all have a small junk? And if so, doesn’t this contradict the idea that more testosterone results in a bigger penis? The answer is: injecting steroids leads the body to adjust and make less testosterone of itself. As testosterone is produced in the testes (a.k.a. the balls, a.k.a. the nuts), it is the testes that tend to shrink in those guys on steroids, but not the penis. In fact, the penis benefits from testosterone in its ability to get erect, with erections being the most common way to (temporarily) ‘enlarge’ a penis (relative to its flacid state). For those guys desiring the ability to have an optimal sex drive and erectile strength, while reducing the chances of knocking up their sex partner, testosterone injections seem to be at least a partial* solution, as this increases erectile function while decreasing spermatogenesis. Other than injection, there are topical creams and patches which have the same effect. Yet, if you are eager to test whether testosterone can still increase your penis size, applying topical creams to your penis may be the most direct way to find out. (*Partial, because it is not the most efficient way of contraception, unless steroids are used for prolonged periods.) So, testosterone not produced by the own body reduces the production of sperm cells in a man’s balls (which is why they shrink in guys on steroids), and also reduces the body’s own testosterone production.  On the other hand, if the body’s own testosterone levels are high, this is evident in larger testicles, fertility, better erectile function, and perhaps evident in a larger penis as well. If testosterone after puberty would still enhance penis size, it may well be that men with masculine traits (which are a result of more testosterone) have more going for them than their bad boy looks, which may explain the appeal and advantage bad boys have in getting sex…

For those men that want to increase their body’s own testosterone, thus leading to a certain increase in testicular size, fertility and erectile function, and perhaps some sort of increase in penis size, there are a number of options available. Briefly summarized, you can naturally increase testosterone by eating testosterone promoting foods, avoid foods which lower testosterone and avoiding foods which increase estrogens, live healthy (exercise, sleep enough, and reduce your stress), and massage your junk. More information can be found in our post on how to increase testosterone production naturally. In summary, testosterone may perhaps increase penis size, but more importantly, it increases potency. Unless you want to go for the easy way of taking steroids while simultaneously shrinking your nuts, there are healthier options available.

And yes, you girls reading this: you are going to have to make sure that testosterone keeps flowing in your hubby if you want him to keep fucking you regularly.

So do NOT feed him junk food and do NOT buy him all this sweet and salty snacks, and don’t overfeed him on healthy food either. Just remember: do NOT let him get fat!

And DO encourage him to go sporting frequently. You can provide such encouragement by dragging your sexy ass and good mood along with him as extra motivation to keep him going and inviting a sexy female friend along every now and then (keep it unpredictable). Just don’t be that lazy uninterested girl who never joins him on his most valued activities that he would love to share with you.

What also helps: flatter him on how muscular he is (touch him while you do this), and how you overheard pretty girls and your sexy friends (not the ugly ones, sorry) being turned on by him being in great shape. Don’t worry about doing this. Although to your female brain such overt compliments would be over the top and would be perceived as insincere flattery, just trust me: on guys this works like a charm, because guys hardly ever get complimented by attractive girls, and if they do, it always precedes something they really like. (If a girl flatters me, I have learned through experience that this means I have increased chances of fucking anytime soon.)

And uhm, I hate to break this to you, but being in a relationship with a single woman (you), his testosterone IS gradually going to drop. Luckily for you, there is a way around it though! Men’s testosterone remains high when they have more sexual variety, so if you want him to keep being horny around you, allow him to let his penis stray sometimes. (Yep, him only fucking you will make his testosterone go down over time, but him having multiple sex partners and frequently having fresh va-J-Js prevents his testosterone from dropping.) Of course don’t be that unfair, nasty, dumb girl who only ever had fast sex or a threesome with a guy who you never intended to stay with or who had all the red flags of a player, while not giving her boyfriend that privilege. This is what only shit girls do: you don’t want to be such a girl. This would not be fair to the guy you love and whom you intend to keep for yourself for a long time and grow old with. Instead only allow threesomes and alone time to be with other girls to a guy who treats you well and really wants to spend tons of time on you and really wants to stay with you. Also, you may not realize that sex with random strangers comes easy to girls, but for guys it is different. Even players need to spend lots of time to find and finally catch someone ready for ‘quick’ sex, and if a talented player wants someone in particular who matches up to certain criteria other than looks, it takes a whole lot more time, and a whole lot more approaching many girls to just be able to catch one. It is not like the 5 minutes any random girl needs to get 10 guys ready to jump on her, by asking random dudes if they want to fuck. So if you want to really help your hubby and not let him waste too much time away from you that you would rather spend happily together, you gotta help him catch some ‘fish’, because guys need to do a lot more effort than girls and waste a lot of time to get a lucky shot.

By allowing him to fuck others, and on top of that also helping him get girls easily without effort, he will feel he doesn’t want to lose you, because really, which other girl will ever do such generous and flattering things for him?? If on top of that you show him you only want his dick in you and not those of other guys, he will feel like a god and earth, and you are the one to make him feel that way, so he will totally love you. Perhaps maybe not every dude would love you if you would do this, but I definitely would. If you’d my girlfriend and make me feel this good, I would tolerate a lot more shit on any nonsexual area from you than from anyone else I have ever been with. I’d also start fucking you more often again, cause I am incapable of ejaculating with new girls unless I fuck them daily for hours nonstop for three to four weeks, so with these new girls coming and going, I would need you more to get all that lust that has been building up in me to depressurize. You’d be the only girl that would ever make me cum again. OK, this is TMI for anyone not intending to be my  girlfriend, so let’s get back to the topic of penis size.


Now guys and girls, if you’re really into the penis size thing, there are two factors other than testosterone which play a role:

Body weight and length: indicators of penis length

In short: fat men have a shorter penis than men with a low body-fat ratio. One reason is that the root of the fat man’s penis is ‘buried’ in his own body fat, or to phrase it more eloquently: the additional fat in the pubic region reduces the percentage of the penis that extends outside of the body. Also, increased body fat is associated with lower testosterone, linking back to the whole testosterone section above. So, to estimate a guy’s penis size: if he’s fat, he’s likely to have  a short one. The fact that the bulging belly further blocks the fat man’s view on his own penis, and makes it more difficult to bring the penis closer to the body of another person, only makes this link between body fat and small penises more sad. But if you are overweight, and you really want to increase your penis size, do your best to find an efficient way to shed those pounds! It may not be easy, but heck: knowing you will have a longer penis, more testosterone flowing through your body, and can get closer to the one you want to have sex with without your belly being in the way, is definitely something you can keep in mind to stay motivated!
Now, another way to estimate a man’s penis size quite accurately, but which relates to a physical trait which unfortunately cannot be changed, is body length. In general, taller men have longer dongs. As hand and feet aren’t always large in tall men, and aren’t always tiny in shorter men, these aren’t the best indicators of penis length – hands and feet are only accurate predictors of penis length if they are proportional to body length.

Anatomy and penis size

Individual factors affecting penis length: percentage of body fat, body length and testosterone.

Of course, there are some men with a genetic anomaly which makes their penis especially long, which effectively means sometimes not so tall men may still have a long dong. (I’m thinking of the notorious short, fat and ugly porn actor Ron Jeremy as an example, and of course the monster cocks of some other more muscular porn actors and perhaps some unknown individuals.) In reverse, there are some factors which may cause a micropenis, even in taller men. So body length is more of a general indicator, but there may be exceptions.


Other methods of elongation

Other than increasing testosterone, and reducing body fat, there are some other methods men can resort to gain that little bit in length. First thing that comes to mind are of course vacuum pumps, but these merely increase the blood flow to the penis, which is more helpful for articicially getting erections, and does not actually increase penis length. Of course, if there is a way to increase tissue formation in the penis and thus increasing penis length, increased blood flow can benefit this tissue formation. Pills promising increases in penis size also tend to merely increase blood flow to the area, something which may be more effectively achieved by taking viagra, cialis or levitra, and also by applying the iron groin techniques described in our post on increasing testosterone naturally, and apply these techniques to the penis instead of the testicles. Which brings us to our next method: stretching. Apart from hanging a weight from the penis, or pulling it using the iron groin methods, there are a number of stretching devices. The principle behind all of these stretching methods is the same as that of the stretching of the neck applied by women of the Kayan/Karen minority: if applied frequently over long periods of time, the tissue will become effectively longer.

Other than these, there is surgery, silicone injections, and in at least one medical practice described in our first post: electrotherapy.

As this brings us full circle, it is time to conclude this series of posts on penis size.


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