Penis size, part 1 – How to drastically increase the length of your penis

It is fascinating that so many men attach such great importance to the size of their penis when surveys indicate women do not share this obsession about their partners penis size. Whether you’re a woman trying to understand the reason behind men’s obsession with their penis in general, or whether you are a guy who has ever considered the size of your penis as an important issue, make sure to read all posts on this topic, because we’re going to tackle everything in a series of posts on this issue: basic differences between male and female psychology that explain the whole issue (i.e. why size matters; why size doesn’t matter), and how to really get an indication of a man’s penis size without getting intimate, and more. In this first post we’re starting off with an account that seems to indicate at least one doctor of Tanzanian nationality has actually found a method to increase length drastically, relying on other than conventional surgical enlargement methods.

This account comes from intriguing newspaper articles dating from late June and early July 2002 which thus far have not been covered by English language media, with the exception of one South-African newspaper, so we’ll cover it here. As you’ve been able to deduce from the previous paragraph: in 2002 there was a doctor claiming to be capable of increasing penis length drastically. How drastic? He claimed he could increase the length of a penis to be up to 25 cm (nearly 10 inches) in erection. It even seems any particular size up to that length appeared to be an option the patient could choose from. In comparison, ‘conventional’ augmentation phalloplasty (a fancy way of saying ‘surgical penis enlargement’) on average only manages to increase erectile length and width by respectively 1.6 cm (0.6 in) and 1.3 cm (0.5 in), and if the resulting length for any particular patient is below that mean, the patient just has to accept it. Given that only 2.5% of men have an erect penis over 17.5 cm (6.9 in) in length, and the majority of men (68%) have a penis measuring between 11.7 and 15.2 cm (4.6 and 6 in), it is clear the claim of this particular doctor was an increase in penis size beyond the in comparison small increases that can be achieved through conventional surgery.

So what evidence is there to support this claim? Well, that’s the intriguing part! After elongation, it is the girlfriends and wives of his patients that complained of having too much pain during sex, and some were in such discomfort that they demand to have the elongation reversed! A French language article in the Pan-African paper Panapress juiced up this story with more details about one particular patient. A then 22 year old Ugandan named John Kembo underwent the procedure because his sexual partners had complained his 10 cm (3.9 in) penis was too small, and so he opted to have the doctor increase his penis length by 7 cm (2.8 in). But after the procedure, his then girlfriend cried for help and told Kembo to retract ‘the thing’ because it was too big. Apparently a now cursed womanizer, he tried with several other women who all refused to have any further sex after a first try, because of his penis being too big after the procedure. He then went back to the doctor who then supposedly reduced Kembo’s penis by two centimeters (0.8 in) in order for his girlfriends to be able to have pleasure during intercourse. Lending more credibility to the story, this seems not to have been a singular account. Beatrice Dlamini, the person in charge of the country’s anti-AIDS program (SNAP) told the journalists of Panapress that married women were leaving their husbands after their organs had become unusually long due to the procedure, and that their husbands desperately came to the SNAP offices for advice on how to resolve this issue.

Wives and girlfriends of men that underwent the penis enlargement procedure suffered pain and refused to further engage in intercourse unless their men would get the procedure reversed. Women that got to hear of this became afraid and stated they did not want their partner to undergo any such procedure unless he wanted to get kicked out.

Wives and girlfriends of men that underwent the penis enlargement procedure suffered pain and refused to further engage in intercourse unless their men would get the procedure reversed. Women whose partner had not yet undergone the treatment, forbade their partner to undergo any such enlargement procedure out of fear for pain.

Of course, you need to seriously consider that these stories could just as well be a clever marketing stunt of a doctor paying off a few people to spread these stories, in order to be able to cash in on men’s desire to be bigger, as the desire for a big penis seems to be a pervasive one in many men’s minds. If these stories were indeed a form of guerilla marketing, it would definitely testify to the doctor’s entrepreneurial spirit and good understanding of the male psyche; in contrast to what most women might expect, testimonies of women complaining of too big penises do not repel men from visiting this particular doctor! In contrast: it would just make most men more gullible in believing this doctor can actually give them a larger penis, and since the exact increase seems to be an option of choice with this particular doctor, prospective male clients don’t worry about becoming too big. Moreover, they are reassured that if the penis is enlarged to the point of being painful for the woman, it can still be adjusted to a slightly smaller length. This is perfect PR to get easy money from men wanting to be endowed with a bigger organ. At least one large sample scientific survey supports the idea that the desire for bigger is not restricted to those men who think of themselves as having a small penis (in that sample, 91% of men who think they have a small penis would like to be bigger), but also to men who think they have an average length, because for almost half (46%) of them, average just isn’t good enough. The idea that bigger is better is even so pervasive in men, that a whopping 14% of men (one out of seven) who think their penis is already larger than average, wouldn’t mind being even larger. To top it off, this desire is not age restricted, as there is an approximately equal percentage of older men that desire to be larger, as there are young men with that desire. With this knowledge, we can see there’s quite a big market of consumers out there, as long as you know how to play them.

african witch doctor

In line with the magic of African witch doctors which rely in part on psychological effects for their magic to take effect, the patients of the Tanzanian doctor promising penis enlargement may equally have been affected psychologically. This may have led to a different subjective self-perception of their penis length.

So back to the story of our entrepreneurial Tanzanian doctor and potential scammer: local media at the time stated the doctor had a “thriving business”, with most of his clients being young men, often students, although his clientele also spanned to men from other levels of society and age such as a parliamentarian and national football player, and nationals from other African countries. Because of his clever marketing strategy aimed not only at increasing credibility supporting his claims, but at the same time also issuing a warning, it is unlikely the doctor ever would be asked to live up to the promised maximum length. Even if he would be asked, it would be easy for him to convince his clients otherwise thanks to the warning built in into these stories. Indeed, the story of the then 17 year old client Sipho Mhlanga having his micropenis enlarged to the length of 10 cm (3.9 in) seems to indicate two things: namely (1) that the doctor was able to convince his patient bigger than that was not necessary (despite the doctor’s own public claims of being able to elongate penises to much bigger sizes) , and (2) that the doctor in this case did not achieve results much more impressive than those seen in surgical penis enlargement. Assuming the doctor’s ability to elongate did not surpass the increases seen in conventional surgery (because he may have been applying just that) not just for Sipho, but for his every client, it still wouldn’t have been too hard (no pun intended) for this doctor to deceive his clients in believing he successfully increased the length way beyond those objectively measurable increases in length. One possible way for making his clients ‘observe’ changes in measured length could be achieved by measuring the penis in flaccid state prior to the elongation procedure, and in erect state afterwards; another method would be to measure the penis from the base of the penis prior to the procedure, and measuring from the testicles following the procedure. Even if he’d been relying on simple tricks like these that would have roused questions with most clients, the doctor’s mere reputation would facilitate clients accepting whatever justification for this deception he would have come up with. Indeed, psychological studies indicate that the persuasive power of authority and of a majority of others (even if fictional) are not to be underestimated, and may in effect lead people to adjust their perception. So the client’s actual observation that the penis is somewhat longer and wider post procedure, combined with the persuasive power of the doctor that it is drastically longer and the stories the client had been exposed to, could very well affect the client’s subjective estimation of length. This in turn could have such a strong impact on the client’s confidence that in  a sort of self-fulfilling belief, clients would end up thrusting way harder, resulting in their women ending up complaining about pain during intercourse…

Of course, it could just as well be the doctor really did bump into a method that can do what he claims: I have no evidence to the contrary. For those who would like to find out, the procedure is not overly expensive: it was 500 South African Rand in 2002 (which is about 46.6 US $/43.8 €/ 27.7£ at the moment), of course adding to that transport costs from your home to the doctor’s practice, not in Tanzania, nor in Uganda, but in Swaziland. In the city of Manzini to be precise. When getting there, just ask around for doctor Mohammed Disopi and state your purpose. I assume his local fame (or by now notoriety) will do the rest in helping you find your way (or disillusionment). If you have no luck there, some articles claimed he was based in  Mbabane (a mere 41 km /25.5 mi Northwest of Manzini). Wherever he is, be warned: if you’re afraid of some electricity running through your genital area, you may want to reconsider visiting Dr. Disopi, because he claims he achieves his results through electrotherapy!

Dr. Disopi, a native from Tanzania living in Swaziland claims he can increase penis length up to 25cm (9.8 inch) by means of electrotherapy. Do NOT try this at home!

Dr. Disopi, a native from Tanzania living in Swaziland claims he can increase penis length up to 25cm (9.8 inch) by means of electrotherapy. Do NOT try this at home!

On the other hand, if he really is the miracle doctor his reputation holds him to be, he can also be consulted to cure meningitis, asthma, ulcers, skin cancers, and help women who have a hard time conceiving, to get pregnant. Moreover, he does NOT rely on electric jolts for any of these, but on traditional Tanzanian herbal medicine.

That’s it for this post. This is merely the first post relating to men’s obsession with penis size. More to come!

Good luck in Swaziland and see you in our next post!


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Research article:

  • Lever, J., Frederick, D.A., & Peplau, L.A. (2006) Does Size Matter? Men’s and Women’s Views on Penis Size Across the Lifespan. Psychology of Men & Masculinity, 7 (3), 129–143.

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